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J.R. Mats was the first to introduce a golf mat that could take a real tee at the 2006 PGA show and although that's what got the initial attention the "Real Feel" quickly became the reputation of This great golf mat.
Golf Lesson – How to Avoid Blocking Golf Shots

Posted in: Blog by Jay on October 29, 2010 Golf lesson by Herman Williams, PGA Teaching Professional at The Golf Academy in Raleigh, NC. “Get Hermanized” and learn how to avoid blocking golf shots offline. This is a follow-up to Herman’s golf lesson video about how to stop coming over the top. As most golfer’s improve their swing plane and learn to strike the ball from the “inside” they often begin to lose shots out to the right (for right-handed players.) Watch as Herman describes what to do in the downswing with the left hand and forearm to correct this problem.