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J.R. Mats was the first to introduce a golf mat that could take a real tee at the 2006 PGA show and although that's what got the initial attention the "Real Feel" quickly became the reputation of This great golf mat.
Golf Swing Lesson – Sam Snead Takeaway Golf SwingTips: Master Teacher on YouTube Sifu Richard

Posted in: Blog by Jay on June 30, 2011 Golf Swing Lesson. Sifu Richard Silva Black Belt and Master Teacher contrasts the golf swing takeaway mechanics of Sam Snead and Freddie Couples and shows you the common elements shared by Sam Snead and Freddie Couples so you can learn how to develop a smooth golf swing with better rhythm just like the PGA Tour Pros. In this golf swing lesson Sifu shows you how to keep your bicep connected to your arm for a smooth takeaway and proper impact position in your golf swing just like Sam Snead and Freddie Couples. This golf drill has golf tips that to assist you in how to complete the turn in your takeaway and keep your body connected throughout your golf swing. You can practice this golf swing lesson at home or on the range to master the skills Sam Snead used to stay connected at impact to follow through so you can hit the ball farther, gain distance with your driver and have better rhythm each time you swing. Give this golf swing lesson a try. It’s sure to help you. Thanks for watching. See you out there.