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J.R. Mats was the first to introduce a golf mat that could take a real tee at the 2006 PGA show and although that's what got the initial attention the "Real Feel" quickly became the reputation of This great golf mat.
Golf Lessons From the Game Of Pool

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Use A Cue-Ball to get the brain under control, and thus your swing and shotmaking.

Golf Lessons after a few glasses of Wine.MOV

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Golf Lessons: Yes, we all become good dancers after a few glasses of Reisling, apparently we can also teach golf 🙂

Grexa Golf Playing Lesson – Wildwood Green Golf Club – MM 11/27/11

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Here we are on the golf course at Wildwood Green Golf Club. We have had some fabulous weather this November. Getting out to play with my students is a big part of my golf instruction. Here you will see a very good swing. We have worked on some simple things to keep the swing more consistent. One has been better posture to start the swing. The next was his stability with the lower body while loading the club to the top of the swing. We’ve also worked on his alignment and the smoothness in his transition. We have kept things very simple and only focus on one or two of those items at a time. For more information on Playing Lessons at Wildwood Green Golf Club, please feel free to contact me at the Golf Shop. Best regards, Greg Greksa Senior Instructor PGA Professional Callaway Advisory Staff

Golf Instruction – Over the Top Golf Swing

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Steven shows you that swinging “Over the Top” might be a lower body problem (Especially for you who like to swing with a TWO PLANE style). This “pump” drill will help you sequence your downswing properly.

A Senior Male Golf Lesson. Presented by Golfzone.

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Bruce Green; Head Golf Professional at Royal Melbourne GCdemonstrates the common flaws that affect the senior Golfer.

Golf Instruction – Square Face – You’ll disagree until you try it.

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New Golf Instruction Let me help your swing

Golf Lessons For Tall People

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Cool comparisons with my dad and tiger woods and adam scott. He paid 300 for the lessons and here is a peak at what most tall people have problems with…. SORRY FOR THE LENGTH BUT IT WOULD REALLY HELP TO WATCH IF U HAVE GOLF PROBLEMS!!

Golf Lessons – How to hit out of heavy rough

Posted in: Blog by Jay on November 27, 2011 | No Comments is the home website of Ireland’s No1 golf lesson instructor Barry Power, in this video barry shares his secrets on how to get out of heavy rough.

Golf Course Bernardo Heights CC Gabriel Writer

Posted in: Blog by Jay on November 26, 2011 | No Comments – This is a round i recorded at Bernardo Heights CC San Diego, CA. I played with PGA Teaching Professional Paul Collett and Wilson Staff rep Blaire Mckeithen. I shot 73 and was pleased with the round. feb 3 2010 Go to my website for video golf tips, drills, and Taylormade giveaways. Thanks Gabriel Writer

Jim Hassey Golf Lesson to Nick Huey age 8 in San Diego

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Nick age 8 had never had a golf lesson. He has played baseball for a few years. We worked on all aspects of his game and after 8 lessons took his new golf swing to the golf course with amazing results.