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J.R. Mats was the first to introduce a golf mat that could take a real tee at the 2006 PGA show and although that's what got the initial attention the "Real Feel" quickly became the reputation of This great golf mat.

If you’re Looking for Driving Range Mats you came to the right place.

Typically, driving ranges place their golf mats ten-foot-on-center upon a concrete pad. The typical commercial golf mat size is 5’x5′ althou we have supplied 4×5 and 3×5 practice mats to a number of ranges and practice centers.

The Real Feel Golf Mat has Opened up new opportunities for artificial tee lines because of it’s quality and realistic feel. Country Clubs and Golf Teaching Facilities that would never have considered artificial turf in “the old days” are now installing Real Feel Tee Lines and their golfers are loving it.

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