Bag Shag

Bag Shag
Sound Familiar… I had been through 3 shag bags in less than 2 years and was fed up.

My first two shag bags were build with materials that couldn’t hold up to even modest use. The zippers broke so golf balls would fall out and the stitching on the bags blew apart. The metal spring clips on my last shag bag ended up bent so far out of shape that it stopped picking up balls altogether.

All 3 where “MADE IN CHINA”.

I do believe that the Chinese can make fine products if they where asked to, but the distributors want to make their mark and the retailers want to double their money if they can, so it usually gets down to how cheap we can possibly make a product.

Please Don’t Waste Your Money On Other Shag Bags

In the case of golf shag bags the “suits” up in their ivory tower seam to think that you will only pay $19.99 for a shag bag and therefore they believe that they are forced to manufacture an inferior product and put it on the shelves. They should take heed “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”.

So, in the end I paid about $60.00 for 3 shag bags that left me frustrated and disappointed.

Finally, I discovered the Original Bag Shag Made in the USA with a 10-Year GUARANTEE

I was in the concession line at the Annual PGA show in Orlando, FL and I was telling my partner about how I just had my latest shag bag blow up on me – and the guy in front of us referred me to the Original Bag Shag I have purchased one to test and was so thrilled with the refreshing quality of the product that I immediately became a distributor for my driving range clients (yes these are shag bags the professionals use) And now I am happy to bring the product to you through this web site.

  • Manufactured In The USA
  • Durable Canvas Bag
  • Solid Brass Extra Duty Zipper
  • Steel Top & Bottom Plates To Avoid the “Blow Outs”
  • Stainless Steel Springs So it Keeps Picking
  • Holds up to 75 golf balls
  • Back Saver – Stop bending over
  • 10 Year Guarantee
Buy Now   Price: $37.77
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