ProLauncher Tees

ProLauncher Tees
36% smaller ball seat area for less friction and a cleaner launch.

Perfect Flex – tapered shank design and semi-soft composite combine for less resistance at impact.

Unbreakable (but your friends might steal it!) composite.

“6 ways Launcher Tee out performs your standard wooden tees”

  1. An Increase in ball speed of 1.32 mph off of the tee
  2. An Increased Launch angle of 1.08 degrees
  3. A decrease in Ball Spin of 362 RPM’s
  4. A resulting higher ball fight Apex of 6.11 ft.
  5. Increased carry Distance of 12.75 ft.
  6. Increased Roll Distance of 11.25 ft.


Launcher Tee results in an increased Total Drive Distance 24-ft (8 yards) Over your standard wooden tees.

Independent testing provided by Golf Laboratories Inc.

When you add Launcher Tees Maximum Performance with its Unmatched Durability it’s no wonder why Launcher Tee is The best tee available on the market today!

  • U.S.G.A Conforming
  • Launcher Tee is not like any other tee on the market. Launcher Tee combines all the fine attributes needed to be considered one of the leading high performance golf tees available today.
  • Designed from a modern semi-soft composite with a tapered shank design that gives it the Perfect Flex. Also inherent with our material is less friction/resistance when compared to wooden tees. Less friction/resistance=More Distance.
  • Launcher Tee features a 36% smaller ball seat area as compared to a regular wooden tee. This also translates to less friction/resistance equating to longer drives off the tee.
  • An added feature of our modern composite is Durability. These tees are virtually indestructible. Your new launcher tee will last for months (hit over 800 times by the golf robot without breaking). If your friends don’t steal it (and they’ll try) it may last all year or until you get it bronzed and mounted. I’ll put 1 Launcher Tee up against a whole bag of wooden tees, anytime.
  • Also this tee, with its length, 3 inches, is designed to tee it higher. Designed for all 360cc-460cc drivers. Independent tests have proven that a higher tee height typically out performs a lower tee height in distance and accuracy.
  • Launcher Tee Conforms with USGA Rules
  • With Launcher Tee there are no marks on the driver face and sole as compared to hitting wooden painted tees.
  • Less “pocket clutter” since you can carry just one tee in your pocket. This will make the ball mark and divot tool easy to find.
  • The use of Launcher Tee will cut down on the use of wooden tees saving a very important natural resource, Trees/wood.
  • Designed with two high visibility colors, White and Yellow. These colors will really stand out on the tee boxes. (Launcher Will Be Very Hard to Lose).
  • With Launcher Tee’s superior distance and unique durability along with its long lasting advertising ability, we feel certain it is The Most Advanced Golf Tee Available on the market today.
  • Your golf course will appreciate your not leaving broken tees all over the tee-box, which means lower maintenance, lower costs. If you do happen to lose a Launcher tee the semi-soft composite is easier on mower blades than wooden tees.

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