RoboTee It Up

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RoboTee It Up
RoboTee It Up is a fully automatic tee-up machine that requires no electricity. It’s power is gravity itself. It is ideal for Driving Ranges, Teaching Professionals, and especially for Personal Usage.

Each purchase order includes one RoboTee machine, one 4’x1′ swing mat, and 12 tees of 3 different heights.

  • Fully automatic without the use of electricity
  • Made of metal for durability
  • Functional parts are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion
  • No construction required for installation
  • Theft protection with anchorage but bolt not provided
  • Adjustable ball drop height and reset button provided
  • Perfect solution for indoor and outdoor practice
  • Lifetime expectancy of 15+ years with regular maintenance
  • Machine Dimension: 35cm x 50cm x 65cm (Width/Depth/Height)
  • Machine Weight: 28 lbs, 13kg
Buy Now   Price: $499.99
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