Shag Tube

Shag Tube
Not the cheap plastic shag tube Kind that you see in all of the retail stores.

Shag Tube vs. Shag Bag is mostly a personal preference. If you carry your shagger around with you loaded with golf balls the shag bag is your best choice, but if you have small bucket and mostly practice in your backyard the Shag Tube may be the one.

Made in the USA with a 10-year guarantee

A Shag Tube is often preferred over the traditional shag bag, especially at driving ranges and practice greens at the local golf course. This is because it’s so fast to load up and empty golf balls. Personally when I’m practicing in my backyard or hitting into my cage net this is my ball shagger of choice.

Because of my cursed bad back, (surgery 13 years ago and likely again this year) I use the shag tube personally in my backyard. This quality shag tube was previously only sold to my driving range and golf course clients for their on-course use, but after receiving enough consumer shag-tube-inquiries for personal backyard use, I recently added it to my consumer offering.

Shag tubes major advantages over traditional shag bags

  • Longer Design – LESS BENDING required to save your back
  • Easy-to-Empty – Just flip over to unload your golf balls
  • Made in the USA with a 10 Year Guarantee
  • Top Grip designed to protect the golfers hand
  • No Golf Ball Fall-Outs Engineered golf ball retrieving mechanism for easy pick-up and hold
  • Self Cleaning Slots for no dirt build up
  • Back Saving Length of 38 ½” lengths

This is the same commercial model sold to courses and driving ranges for their own use to gather the golf balls that are in tight spots so the automatic ball pickers can’t reach them. Also, commonly used around the practice putting green and short game area. Now available for your own backyard practice.

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